Botswana is one of Africa's top wildlife destinations.

Home to one of the seven Great Wonders of Africa, the Okavango Delta.This world heritage site is a magnificent freshwater wetland and is one of Africa's last untouched Wildernesses situated right in the heart of the countries Kalahari desert.

Home to about 400 species of bird, at least 71 fish species and in the winter season a spectacle of over 200 000 large mammals return including rare and unusual swamp adapted wildlife. While Leopard and Wild Dog are known to thrive in this region, other species like hippo buffalo and lion are among the masses of antelope as well.

Adjacent is the animal rich Chobe, home to Africa's largest Elephant populations and the rolling plains of the Savuti where prides and packs of predators compete for food and territory.The fierce cast of predators and large open landscapes make for a dramatic game viewing experience. With permanent water holes big game stay in the area all year round and thus provide excellent hunting opportunities for the notorious Lion prides of the Savuti. They have become well known for bringing down even the biggest of mammals.

To the south the great Kalahari Desert is home to Africa’s first people, the San.

In the center, the Makgadikadi Salt Pans were once a huge lake, the size of Switzerland.  

Take guided tours by land and by boat, enjoy the luxury of the lodges and the spectacle of the sunsets.

Botswana is a Safari Destination must.