Soaking up the sun on a beach, out at dawn searching for the Big 5, perusing the multitude of vineyards or fine dining in a world-class restaurant after 18 holes on a championship golf course. South Africa has all the trappings of a fantastic holiday destination.

South Africa is the southern most country on the African Continent.The Atlantic and Indian Oceans account for South Africa's incredible coastline. It shares borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique. A country of scenic contrasts from the subtropical forests on the Eastern coast, Semi-desert plateaus, majestic mountains to the flood plains and savannas. Not forgetting to mention the diverse ethnic cultures that make South Africa " The Rainbow Nation".

Everybody loves the Big Five and has heard of the Kruger National Park. Fact is, South Africa has no less than 22 National Parks (over 3 million Hectares of conservation land, 18 odd million in the private sector) and boasts an astounding 299 mammal species, 858 bird species and no fewer than 498 reptile species.